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How can I choose the right blood pressure monitor?
DateTime:2008-8-17 9:39:13  
Following are some tips when you purchase blood pressure monitor.
-Display Size - Is a standard or an oversized LCD read-out needed. Try to take that with normal size.
Power Supply - Battery powered or AC adapter. If you travel the battery powered unit is your best choice.
-Memory Features - Some models remember the last reading or multiple readings. There are also models that have a PC link. Better to choose that has a memory of at least one month BP monitoring.
-Cuff Sizes - Large and small arm cuffs are available for some units. The size of the cuff on a blood pressure monitor may be the most important to get an accurate reading. So always use cuff which is not too small and not too large.
-Cost - Cost may be the most important factor. Remember to do as much research as possible. The more expensive models may not always be as good as the cheaper ones 
- Accuracy - Readings on some wrist and finger units may not be as accurate as an arm unit depending on the individual.
-Ease of Use - Depends on personal preference. People with certain disabilities may find one unit easier to use than another. 
- Length of Warranty - Warranties vary from one to three years. Check your unit regularly to make sure everything runs smoothly and accurately.
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